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ExpatLanguageSchool.net provides language support provided by certified native speakers, experts on moving and working abroad themselves.

Our tutors are (or have been) based in countries where they are immersed in one or more foreign languages on a daily basis. Besides that, they have moved overseas, alone or with their families, or got married abroad. This way, they can leverage on their international careers to provide you with exactly the expertise that is relevant to you, in your personal context of moving overseas and starting or pursuing your career in a foreign country. 

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ExpatLanguageSchool.net Partnerships

Partner companies below have been carefully selected and screened, to assess their mission and marketing is in line with ours. 
When you are contacting these partners as an ExpatLanguageSchool.net customer, please report our partnership discount code 'ELS', when buying a service with them.

Meet our partner TOSS in Holland

As an expat, organizing all the (mandatory) documents to be able to work in the Netherlands can be difficult. As The One Stop Shop, TOSS in Holland offers a wide range of services for expats and their employers in the field of living and working in the Netherlands, with the aim of making every related process as smooth and effective as possible. They have years of experience in assisting expats and highly skilled migrants that you can take full advantage of.


More details about TOSS in Holland:

Their blog about rules, regulations and general tips 


ExpatLanguageSchool.net customers who subscribe to a TOSS service are entitled to a 500€ discount, when they report the code "ELS". Terms & conditions available at the TOSS website.

Meet our partner Andrea Hunt

Andrea Hunt is an American expat living in Germany and an empathetic and motivating life coach & EFT practitioner ready to help you both prepare your move abroad and also guide you through some of the challenges of expat life. Using her professional skills as a life coach, she empowers her clients to create a fulfilling life abroad or rebuild it after setbacks, while using EFT Tapping to remove their limiting blocks that keep them stuck. 


More details on Andrea's work: 



Her blog for Expat Personal Growth


Meet our partner Stefanie Zeep

Plan B Coaching & Mindfulness, Stefanie Zeep:

I help professionals advance in their careers and develop as inspiring and authentic leaders whilst staying true to their own values and being most impactful in their context.

Prior to becoming a coach and trainer for mindfulness, I had a successful career in Bosch one of the world’s top German automotive supplier. 

I have a background  international sales & marketing and HR. My deep insights and understanding of challenges within the corporate world help me to support clients  to progress on their own growth career path.  

During my 16+ years in the corporate world I experienced working with many clients and industries, with various cultures and personalities. 

Use the best of 2 worlds - I work with awareness based methods and systemic coaching tools to support your personal transformation journey to becoming who you are meant to be as a person and a leader. 



Leadership & Management Training, by Letty Werner

Letty Werner is a polyglot and a certified neurolanguage coach that holds an MBA focused on leadership and management from Minneapolis, USA.

She works exclusively with non-native English speaking professionals at the executive level (managers, directors, CEOs, entrepreneurs, scientists in various global business industries) in order to help them improve their confidence and business communication skills for their frequent meetings, presentations, interviews, networking, conflict resolution, team building skills, travels, negotiations, work on specific MBA projects and/or business correspondence.
 Letty has a vast international experience of living and working in 6 different countries on 2 continents, along with managerial and entrepreneurial experience. She truly enjoys helping with clear and effective communication, online or in person with a prior appointment in the Zurich area. Personalized and specialized training coaching program is proposed, communication practice is provided in each session where common mistakes and weaknesses are identified, confidence and skill levels are measured and improved after each coaching session with Letty.

Contact Letty at villysense@gmail.com and don't forget to report your discount code 'LTY'!