How it works provides 1-on-1 language courses and business support in Dutch, German, Swiss German, English, French, Italian, Spanish and Russian. 

Do you need on-the-fly language support for work, just a 'brush up' of your English conversational skills or are you planning to learn French from scratch?
Our group of certified and experienced teachers is ready and capable to accommodate you, be it for just 1 or 2 or for 30 sessions.

How it works

To assess your professional context and personal demands, we will set up a first call with you, on Skype/Zoom/Google Meet (etc) or mobile/WhatsApp.
In our first call with you, we will discuss your current skills, needs and objectives. And of course we will also assess your availability and equipment, the internet connectivity and the Skype version on your PC or tablet.

Flexibility is another important aspect of the way we work with you. So when you are up for busy times, at work, even unforeseen, we adapt our course plan accordingly. No worries, no extra cost.

Based on our assessment, a personalized plan will be set up for you. You will then receive your quotation.
As our first session with you is offered as "try & buy", we are ready for kick-off without further ado! works with the internationally recognized standard for describing language levels, the Common European Framework of Reference: A0 - C2. This level indication is always mentioned on your certificate.

Know more?  Get in touch with us, using the "contact us" button here above or fill out the contact form here below. Please mention the language you need support for and, if you wish to be contacted on Skype, don't forget to send us your Skype ID.

How it works: 

International payments invoices can be paid using your credit card or your 'regular' bank account. But there are more options: 

Stripe for international payments provides a platform for one-off payments, worldwide. Our customers have the possibility to receive their invoice via a Stripe email, enabling them to deal with the payment in just a few clicks.

Revolut is an EU-based bank with a virtually global footprint. Setting up an account is easy, requires a short timeline and very low cost.

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